From a small supplier of electrical appliances in 1956, Cityneon has come a long way. Today, we are proud to be one of Singapore’s leading brand experience agencies, serving a wide array of customers regionally and internationally. By virtue of our specialised expertise in conceptualising, designing and building creative solutions, we deliver unforgettable brand experiences in Interior Architecture, Experiential Environments, Events, and Exhibitions.

8 things that set us apart:

  1. We have been around since 1956.
  2. We are in the business of creating experiences that transform your business. To make it possible, we have 4 independent yet integrated division.
  3. Our core specialties include and the design, creation and building of Interior Architecture, Experiential Environments, Events, and Exhibitions.
  4. We are a publically-listed corporation on the Singapore Stock Exchange since 2005.
  5. We have extensive presence across Asia and the Middle East.
  6. We are a strongly-knit unit specialising in making you stand out from the clutter.
  7. We continue serving an illustrious list of clients, including leading multinational corporations, government and private sector organisations from over 30 countries.
  8. Most importantly, we thrive on the challenge of transforming all manners of environments into experiences that leave a lasting impression.