The Cityneon Story

We began our journey in 1956 as Cityneon Electric – a company providing electrical appliances to the domestic retail market. We would soon offer our retailer-clients an additional service – the design and fitting-out of retail outlets and retail store displays. This was our earliest exposure to transforming sales environments into sales experiences and would lead to the incorporation of Cityneon Displays and Construction.

In the early 1970s, we were appointed by the Australian Trade Commission to build booths and provide logistics services for the “Made in Australia” trade exhibition – the first of its kind to be hosted in Singapore.

This single event placed us at the forefront of the emerging event and exhibition business.

And we haven’t looked back since.

Today, we are Cityneon Holdings Limited, encompassing 4 independent but integrated business units – Interior Architecture, Experiential Environments, Events, and Exhibitions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fuse our creativity with our strategic marketing acumen to create unforgettable experiences in Interior Architecture, Experiential Environments, Events, and Exhibitions Environments that pave the way for our customers to convey their brand messages in the most impactful manner.