Experiential Environment

Feeling is remembering

Your brand may have the ability to convey impactful visual messages, but how effectively are you converting its potential into lasting, multi-sensory, brand experiences? Trust the Experiential Environment specialists to perform the transformation.

At Cityneon, we don’t chase awards. Our EE team’s greatest motivation is the emotional reaction their work inspires – the unbridled exclamations of awe, excitement and wonder, fittingly summarised by a loud, lingering “WOW”!

The varied themes, spaces, target audiences and objectives of each project are the fuel that power the creativity of our specialists. Each project is approached ground up, with specific strategies to ensure visitors are captivated at every turn as our multi-sensory stories unfold.

From memorable attractions in theme parks to special 4D showcases at museums, galleries or any other venue, we are there to partner you through all stages of experiential design – from conceptualisation, development, execution to technology selection, project management and installation.

– Museum and Galleries
– Theme parks and Attractions
– Expositions