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Adventure Cove, Marine Life Park, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Cityneon is a leading service provider of creative solutions in the areas of Interior Architecture, Experiential Environments , Events and Exhibitions. We serve a wide array of customers – from global corporations, multinational brands, SME businesses to government organisations and international agencies worldwide. Through our immersive storytelling, using state-of-the-art technologies, we have created breathtaking and emotionally-stirring brand experiences.

In addition, our newly acquired immersive attractions company, Victory Hill Exhibitions, focuses on delivering engaging educational and interactive “ready-to-showcase” exhibitions, designed to wow your senses. We own proprietary rights for these attractions that recreate larger-than-life experiences of some of the most loved brands and themes. From museums to entertainment festivals, we bring these ready-to-showcase attractions to any event, anywhere across the world.

Both, Cityneon and Victory Hill Exhibitions are recognized as leaders in their respective industries.


In this section you will find all the latest news, publications, progress reports and performance updates on our Cityneon and Victory Hills Exhibitions businesses. If you need any further information, please feel free to drop us an email.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports are a yearly reflection of all the hard work and efforts of our team and the fruits of their labour. Click below to download our latest Annual Report that provides a comprehensive account of our corporate governance activities and financial performance from last year.

Financial Highlights

This section provides a summary of our activities and achievements on the financial front that continue playing a pivotal role in the accomplishment of our corporate objectives and goals, thus propelling us towards greater successes. As we continue to grow, we reiterate our commitment towards our shareholders, nation-building and the industry.

Financial Highlights

Board of Directors

If our employees are the backbone of our company, our Board of Directors are the brains guiding us forward in this age of intense competition. Together, they represent the highest level of excellence and competence in their respective fields, which have proven to be the driving force behind our success.The Board is guided by the Code of Governance and Directors’ Code of Professional Conduct laid down in the SID Codes issued by the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID).